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Husqvarna 701


Every since the Husqvarna 701 was unveiled at EICMA last year, I caught myself a number of times perving on it. It has the usual Husky weirdness, but I find it awesome and would love to see it become a reality now that the Nuda is no longer. I’m particularly in love with the seat incorporating with the shrouds, and the texture of said item. If you haven’t noticed already by the watermark, these photos are from and taken by Derestricted, where there are also more to ogle at.

husqvarna-supermoto-701-09 husqvarna-supermoto-701-08 husqvarna-supermoto-701-06 husqvarna-supermoto-701

A Choose-Your-Own-Category DR650

I’ve got a heap of cool stuff banked up, so I’m going to try and do a bit of a dump of it over the next few days. This one from Motorcycle Photo of the Day, I think defies category but the end result is excellent in its own right.

Stock 17″ wheel in the back, new 18″ rim in the front and suspension lowered 3″ front and rear. The seat pan is stock, but the tank is a Harley unit, which fits in very nicely with the rest of bike. Oil cooler is relocated and Mike (the builder) says he built the exhaust, side panels and headlight bracket himself.

Source: Motorcycle Photo of the Day